Complete Truck Detailing & Polishing in Moncton
Maintain a professional appearance for your entire fleet by turning to Shiny Trucks in Moncton.
We specialize in aluminum rim polishing, tank polishing, exterior compounding and waxing, Truck Wash and Interior Detailing to give your
commercial trucks that superior showroom shine. With just one call to Shiny Trucks, you can have your trucks looking their very best. From a high-powered truck wash to interior cleaning and complete polished to look like new again.
We handle the job both inside and out.
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Aluminum Rim, Fuel Tank and Battery Boxes Polishing.
Polishing Aluminum is a very difficult and dirty process and requires the right tools, products and knowledge in order to get a Shiny result. 
Good for you that we have all this in our shop. 

Our aluminum truck rim polishing machine is a man operated machine specially designed to get truck rims polished to a perfect mirror shine.

machine rim polishing
polished truck
Shiny Trucks
Polished rim before and after
Polished Fuel Tank
Polished Stainless
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Mirror Finish Polishing
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Headache Rack Polishing
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Polished Fuel Tanks
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Polished Fuel Tanks
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Get a Superior Truck Wash

If you need a truck / trailer wash or a reefer trailer wash out in Moncton, visit us at Shiny Trucks. While the driver enjoys a fresh cup of coffee, We hand wash your heavy duty transport trucks sparkling clean. We use the best micro fiber and wild boar hair brushes and towels on the market and only use top of the line cleaning products that do not harm or damage your truck or driver, and never add any acid based products to clean your truck.   We cater to professional drivers that need to stay on the go with timely and efficient service.

      Rim Polishing

Shiny Trucks uses a high tech aluminum rim polishing machine along with the highest quality polish compounds and buffing wheels custom made just for us.

The difference between our machine polished rims v.s in any other way polished rims, is that the machine allows us to cut and buff in a perfect straight direction. Your rims will shine better than new. 

Our highly experienced employees will shine up your aluminum truck Rims as well as aluminum fuel tanks, battery boxes, chrome and stainless  to a perfect mirror shine.

       Interior & exterior 

Whether you are a truck dealer ship and want to sell the truck or  you are a transport company and have a new driver starting you do not want him or her to start in a dirty truck, you have better things to do than cleaning the truck and make it re presentable again. Shiny Trucks will take care of this often nasty job for you.

We clean the entire interior and can take unpleasant smells out of it.

We also take care of faded paint and restore the shine so the truck looks new again.