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# 1 Aluminum Rim Polishing

bare rim $60 -- rim with tire on $70

Machine polished rims look like new on your truck

We can fit any 17'' and up rim, with or without tire in our machine. We sand most, if not all pits and scratches out of the surface and than polish it up in 3 steps to get that better than perfect mirror shine. We install the wheel back on the truck. 

# 2 Remove Damaged Coating on Aluminum Rim

$ 20 and up, depending on the thickness of the coating

Coated rims are nice and maintenance free till they get scratched up and start peeling off.

We can take care of that and strip the coating off and than polish it to look new again, see step #1

# 3 Aluminum Fuel Tank Polishing

$200 and up depending on the size and condition

You own that beautiful looking truck but your fuel tanks are all dull and maybe being acid washed in the past. All those rock pits and scratches makes it look ugly? 

No worries, We at Shiny Trucks Detailing Sand, Cut and polish them like a show truck.

Nothing feels better than doing your job in a good looking truck.

# 4 Moose Bumper, Headache Rack, Tool Boxes, Etc.

Hourly rate $99.00 (the average for a moose bumper $350)

Anything on your truck from a Moose bumper or Headache rack to your Battery box, Tool box or Grill surrounding can be brought back to a  star shiny mirror.

We would have to see your truck to give you a good estimate as every truck and part is different.

You can rely on our highly trained and experienced polishers to do an Excellent job for a reasonable price.   

# 5 Truck Washing

           $ 75*              

Keeping your truck clean is one of the most important and cheap maintenance precautions you can take.

Rain, dust and road chemicals can do a lot of damage to your truck. Paint, wires, joints and bearings will last much longer if you keep the truck clean. And it also looks a lot better for you and the D.O.T .

We always hand wash your truck and use only the best cleaning products and micro fiber brushes and towels in the industry.

# 6 Waxing

starting at $175***

First We complete hand wash your truck than give it a Complete hand waxing to restore original luster and shine.

# 7 Polish & Wax

starting at $650***

High Speed Polish and complete body waxing treatment that penetrates deep into the paint to protect your vehicle against harsh elements and restores the finish to its original luster and shine. Includes #5 and de-tar

# 8 Compound, Polish and Wax

starting at $1250***

Let our trained detailers revitalize and beautify your vehicle’s finish by removing oxidation and light to medium scratches and abrasions using our compound and expert high speed polishing technique.

Your truck body will be show room quality.

**(We would need to see the truck in person to give an accurate estimate for compounding, polishing and waxing as every vehicle and paint quality is different and therefore more time and product could be required to get the job done right)**

# 9 Interior Detailing

starting at $199.50* (first 2 hours are included)

full interior and tool compartments vacuum, dash and all vinyl cleaning, windows doors and door surrounding.

# 10 Tire rotation

      $180 or $27.50 per wheel     

Get the most out of your tires by rotating them every 100,000 KM.  We at Excellent Detailing have the right tools to save you a lot of money.

# 11 Re-Torque or checking tire pressure

       $20 plus $6.50 per wheel       

Just had new tires? You need to Re-torque your wheels at 100 KM or before. 

The right tire pressure can save you a lot of money in Fuel and tire savings, but can also prevent you from getting into a bad accident or a big fine.

Come get a free cup of coffee and we'll take care of this for you.

We can polish everything on your truck and trailer.

Battery boxes, Headache rack, steps, deck plates, grill surrounding, tool boxes, stainless, trimming, complete trailers, etc.

All this is based on a hourly rate of $99 

Please contact us for more information.

* Some Restrictions and Surcharges may apply.
* Dressing / Dressed means shined.
* All above prices are “starting at” prices and are based on average duty jobs. These prices may increase if “over average” attention is needed to meet our standards.
* Some stains may not be removable such as “wear and tear” and stains caused by corrosive chemicals etc.

* Always Re-torque your wheels at or before 100KM

* All rates may be subject to change


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