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We are proud to tell you that we are trained and certified Ceramic -Pro coating installers.

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Ceramic-Pro is not only a car detailing product. 

It's a perfect protection for any vehicle, boat or even to apply after metal polishing services 

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In 2010 Nanoshine Ltd introduced Ceramic Pro – a series of products for the automotive, air and marine markets suited for surfaces such as paint, glass, alloy, fabric, leather, plastic and rubber. What makes Ceramic Pro different is the cutting-edge technology based on ceramic molecular compounds (nanoceramics). The formula is world patented and it has taken ten years of research and testing to bring the product to where it is today. All formulas include SiO2.



Ceramic Pro 9H forms a permanent bond with the surface and will not wash off or break down. Ceramic Pro 9H can only be removed by abrasion. It is a highly durable protective coating that protects your paintwork from damaging contaminants. 9H can be applied in multiple layers which means the thickness of the coating can be increased with additional layers allowing a thicker/harder coating with improved scratch resistance.

  • Scratch Resistance (Above 9H)

  • Super Hydrophobic Effect

  • Weather & UV Resistance

  • Thermal Resistance (up to 1200°C)

  • Anti-Graffiti

  • Advanced Chemical Resistance

  • Oxidation & Corrosion Resistant

  • High Gloss Finish

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Ceramic Pro Textile is a reliable inorganic compound. Ceramic Pro Textile modifies the surface of real textile or suede so that when liquids come in contact, it forms beads that simply roll off keeping the textile completely dry. Note: For synthetic fabrics use 9H, Top Coat or Strong.

  • Excellent Durability

  • Super Hydrophobic Effect – 140⁰ of water beads

  • Excellent Wear Resistance

  • Repels Spills & Stains

  • Keeps Fibers Clean

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Ceramic Pro has representatives in almost all countries in the world and is currently experiencing exponential growth. Ceramic Pro increased its global presence by 500% in 2016. The trend continued in 2017 and 2018. With 5,000+ certified installers in 70+ countries, Ceramic Pro is by far the largest coating company on the planet. In 2019, with the launch of KAVACA Instant-Healing Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Pro cements itself in 2020 as the definitive surface protection company.

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Commonly used on surfaces previously treated with CP 9H or CP Top Coat in order to refresh their hydrophobic and UV resistant properties but can also be used as a 6-12 months stand-alone coating.

  • Easy to Apply

  • Super Hydrophobic Effect

  • Self-cleaning Effect

  • Chemical Resistance

  • UV Resistance

  • Prevents Water Spotting

  • High Gloss Finish



Ceramic Pro Rain is a coating specifically designed for glass. It has excellent durability with a Super hydrophobic effect that allows water to simply bead up and flow off the glass while you are driving. Ceramic Pro Rain lasts for up to 12 month in automotive use

  • Excellent Durability

  • Hydrophobic Effect – 115°

  • Fills Scratches and Swirl Marks

  • Excellent Wear Resistance

  • Keeps Glass Cleaner

  • Allows Water to Roll off Glass

  • Anti-Icing

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Ceramic-Pro Pricing

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