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Car Detailing and CeramicPro Service in Moncton, NB

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CeramicPro coating
FBDD Ceramic
Interior detailing
Interior detailing BMW
Exterior decontamination and wax
VW Silver package
Ceramic Leather protection
Ceramic sport prepping
mirror reflection Ceramic on black
Camaro Detailing
Engine cleaning and dressing
Before and after paint detailing

At Shiny Trucks we take care of all your commercial trucks. For all your personal and small vehicles, we can serve you at Fast by design detailing Inc. We are specialized in paint corrections and protections. We're also the only Ceramic-Pro authorized and certified installers in Moncton and surrounding. Feel free to click on the link to Fast by Design Detailing Inc. for more information.


Our trained professionals at our auto detailing shop are skilled in the art of car detailing and offer you and your vehicle the attention you deserve. They also specialize in full service car wash, and auto upholstery cleaning services. We at Shiny Trucks and Fast by design detailing, give you unparalleled customer service now and in the future and will keep your vehicle looking great for years to come.

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